How to Secure a Website from Web Scrappers?

How to Secure a Website from Web Scrappers?

Why web scrapping?

Before seeking the answer of why, let’s first know what web scrapping is. It determines the act of peeling off the authentic content of a website. It is pretty much equal to copying & pasting. So is done to re-locate it while combining with other data at another web place.

However, the extract is modified a little bit but business rivalry instigates a few competitors to steal the most popular content.  Thereby, such evil practitioners ensure commercial advantages. But it features only the evil aspect of the web scraping. There is another face of it that is valid and meaningful.

Netizens are multiplying by leaps and bounds. Web-browsing is no more a restricted zone for the professionals. Programmers have extended it a layman today. So technically, it is the need of the hour to scrap the web content for enriching it by adding more values.

How scrapping occurs?

The modern scraping tools & techniques are highly advanced and premium. Today, ScraperWiki, Web Scraper,, Kimono and many more software/applications are auto-scrapers. With a little bit of manual commands, the extract is all of the users. These have empowered a layman to extract & tailor the web content.

What actually the programmers do is creating & handling the trickiest coding. They employ Unix grep command or substitute techniques. They, also, use socket programming for summoning HTTP (URL) and analyzing the query languages for processing.

How actually it processes?

Extracting information is a complex process. In simpler words, it is very much similar to web indexing. The search engine Google adds any new page through indexing. The robot.txt file plays the role of instructor. It allows the bots to crawl and index the newbie.      

Likewise, the best web scrapping services help in fetching the directed information in the coding. It can be any promotional SMS, price, urls, email ids, offers or any other information. In the pan processing, API emerges elemental. It determines how software components should interact with each other.

However, all extractors’ processing differs as per requirements. But fundamentally, peeling off data is done through the aforementioned processing.

How one can secure web from scraping illegally?

Unintentional browsing and extraction of data is permissible. But sometimes, intentional browsing is considered as an infiltration. It is done by the bad bots that enters to hack or steal the data without any notice of the web owner. They spin a strategy to trace IP, server logs, its patterns, and firewall invasion. For this purpose, they attack from unknown proxies and IP addresses.

Restricting visits is not the ultimate solution. This problem can be tackled easily by:

  • Bot detection techniques (like scanning fingerprints of the existing bots): It helps to identify the incoming traffic and enable the operating system analyse visitors’ behaviour.
  • Tight the security of the website: Confine your site with the password verification or captcha verification.