How to Save Money in Data Processing & Build BI via VR?

How to Save Money in Data Processing & Build BI via VR?

VR or Virtual Reality needs no introduction since it’s the most sensational technology of catching virtual picture of what’s upcoming.

Let’s say, a film director wants to make a blockbuster. He has a hit story and lots of mind-blowing ideas to direct. But it’s the final product that must prove the blockbuster. VR technology can place his ideas in the virtual frame to see how his thought will appear in reality.

How virtual reality helps in saving money processing data?

Data processing determines digging, extracting, cleansing, organizing and compiling data to transform it. However, software and technology complete it in short interval. And also, the processing team needs not spend as much money & effort as it requires for processing the data manually.

For instance, a tour-n-travel organization wants to promote it on a global level. But funds are scarce commodity for it due to its low revenue capabilities. This is why it wants to get bigger exposure in the international market in low budget so that its growth & ROI would be more.

Amid such circumstances, the aforementioned technology can prove its mascot and land it in win-win situation. Making a short yet eye-catching video of travel packages can be a cheaper option. Make the onlookers feel how memorable, cheaper and exotic it would be to enjoy the travel packages through it.

What all it will need is a headset and the clipping of its packages’ amazing promotion. And if it succeeds in hooking a few ones, then it can have a prosperous future ahead. A bigger network of potential visitors can surely be his future clients.

Gujarat’s tourism (in India) has already crafted the similar plan to maximize benefits of this latest technology. It’s the copy of Madhya Pradesh’s 360 degree virtual reality films of its tourist places. It has planned how to bring the future tourists on its tourism ship. It will cover the areas which are the remnants of Indus valley (like Lothal and Dholavira or 11th century’s Rani-Ki-Vav in Patan) in 100 videos.

Comparison of expenditure on market research and VR

Compare expenditure on the aforementioned experiment and market research. Thorough examination clearly approves the former alternate. Expenses on primary or secondary research sources will be much more. Utilizing these resources will be time-taking process.

Moreover, the collected data will be raw. It will pass through various processing data funnels. Filtering, extracting, importing, exporting, rearranging and assembling pan data will be carried out separately. All these domains require expertise. And employing expertise means an extra dose of cost to be incurred.

Apart from these, investment on the human resources and modern technology will be must-to-have element. Otherwise, fruitful analysis can’t be done. Subsequently, the output comes out at the cost of extra-ordinary expenditure.

The imaginary face of prospective policies or plans cuts cost that real-time resources require. Isn’t it an outstanding idea to get excellent response from respondents’ end using this technology & premeditate future result? I hope it is.