How to Get Leads Without Mining Data?

How to Get Leads Without Mining Data?

What provides a lifeline to any business? What scales its profitability?  Is it possible to get frequent customers till the long run?

Lead Magnet

Capitalize on lead magnet. This concept can answer to these questions appropriately. Yes! It’s all about attractive offers, like discounts and sale, to woo customers.

Trust plays the role of adhesive between the relationship of customers and a proprietor. Former entity tends to buy from the one who is trustworthy; who offers value; who has feasibility. However, it’s tough for the commercial entity to fulfill such expectations but once it is built, they become loyal.

Apart from this fact, growth-hacking strategies are proven best commercial entities. These help in quick emergence of the startups. Strategic implementation of lead-generation plans assures getting them the most stunning results promptly.

As said above, lead magnet is a promotional offer. It acts as gravitation to pull the future audience. But it works wonder for only its particular section.  Also, it aims to gift a specific value to them. For instance, offering a free movie ticket with another paid one.  The awardee will surely find it a valuable offer. In exchange, the seller receives authentic contact details, like email address and phone number.

Where to focus for lead magnet?

Leads are useless until they are converted. Entrepreneurs eagerly wait for it. And when the conversion rate rapidly increases, the profit ratio jumps up automatically.

So, on which area do they focus? First, they must have in their knowledge of customers’ requirement, like where do they feel pinching while paying; what improvisation they expect; what values them the most and blah, blah, blah….

All in all, the strategist must answer these two questions intensely:

  • How does the audience behave?
  • What do the competitors offer?

Once these queries are assessed thoroughly, the subsequent process of conversion will be a bed of roses. The first one will help determine what the audience requires. Thereafter, the seller can prepare strategy to throw the bait to it through exclusive offers. He can tailor their requirements easily then.

Mining data through market research can be a great help to comprehend the competitors. It helps in peeping into their strategies. Thereby, their whole marketing plans and audience-pulling strategies can be known. It gives a direction to which he can follow for coming in win-win situation like them.

What’s the best strategy to attract customers?

The seller must find answers of what idea can click well; what should be an irresistible offer; what should be offered that provides value. But he must also remember his niche and business-type.

See, whatever precautions will be taken for milk preservation cannot prove excellent for preserving heritage. Both are different domains that require distinguish preservation strategies.  So, consider your domain first.

Then, Pick the tempting, visible, clear and value-added lead magnets. Consider what the Dominos does. It is well aware of the fact that weekends are their days. People love to date, meet and chat while having pizzas or burgers or French fires or shakes. So, it throws its most of the offers (1+1 Pizza) for the week days, like on Wednesday or Thursday, when the footfall of the customers is quiet low as compare to weekends.

The audience hits that shop or store that provides full fledged service. Let’s say a person wants to invest in property. He will try to contact the realtor that offers end-to-end construction & development. This service will include legal documentation, mapping, construction, interiors and loans facility.

If the seller is ignorant about his customers, he can do online survey or offline surveys. This method is not only dirt cheap but also a convenient alternative to determine what they want indeed. Prepare the layout of the surveys in such a manner that the seller can know all about the future audience.

How to convince customers if they suspect your authenticity?

Well, well, well! It’s too tough to win the trust of audience. Every new eCommerce organization is viewed as with the suspicious eyes. The buyer checks reviews, about us, history, and analytical figures to judge whether to buy or say ‘bye’ without making a deal.

Cater free annual or quarter report to such customers. Make it eye-catching. The recipient will surely appreciate and get convinced to purchase. If you find it tough to make an attractive copy, take help from Google.  Many free tools, like Convertio-File Convertor, are available at hand there. Compress the heavy file into the png or jpeg files for making them loadable easily.

Add a video demonstrating ‘how to’ use or install the product/service catered. It boosts the visibility more than four times. You can also bank on email marketing. Install mailchimp plugin to your wordpress site to prepare setting for sending promotional mails to the recipients.