How to Extract Data from Website to Excel?

How to Extract Data from Website to Excel?

Have you ever scraped data?

Let’s say you want to create a database in the excel sheet. Your target is to scrape 1000 emails of the 5-star hotels.

What would you do?

What if you don’t have any data extraction tool?

You’d have only one option left. It’s Copy & Paste. Thanks to the implest tools of extracting data! Do you have any idea how much time would you spend over it? A proficient may take 7 to 8 hours. But it would be a Herculean task for those who extract with an average speed. The hours may shift into days.

Would you wait to speed up? Or, would you like to employ smartness?

Frankly speaking, I’d choose the smartness.

Do you too want to do it smartly? Let I reveal my secret recipe to accomplish any kind of web data extraction   project.

I’ve created some steps with the tooltip kind of samples. Catch on them below:

1. Open the spreadsheet.
2. Go to the Data menu.
3. Click on From Web icon. It would let you access the gateway to website data.

14. A new window will appear with the name ‘New Web Query’. It would be a dialogue box to interact with the web content that you want to extract in your excel file.

5. You need to input the web page URL in the Address field. This option will give you the liberty to choose the webpage that contains the desirable data.


Let’s say, I want to extract the SEO plans of What I’ll do is to click on the From Web icon on the data menu.  Consequently, this box will pop up.

6. As the New Web Query processing will run, the script error would prompt.

7. Click on ‘yes’ to run the extraction module by Excel spreadsheet.  This script will showcase as many times as it’ll encounter any scripting error.
8. Once you’d complete it, the Import tab will automatically go active. And the waiting for will alter as Done.
9. Now, what you need to do is to click on the Import tab. The data extraction process will begin.


The screen will show downloading. But before completion, it will ask for selecting the location on the excel sheet where you want to create the database. It would look like this:

10. The website’s data will be imported vertically in the columns. Like this:


11. This is how your import process will be complete. And you would get the extracted database from the desirable URL.

Are you worried what will happen if the website data will upgrade? Excel has some special features. Its efficacies reflect through this great function. It will automatically update the extracted database as its source will be upgraded.

Wanna know how?

Catch it on….


Just imitate the action as mentioned above.

You’ll get this option just below the menu bar. Click and auto-upload you’re the revised version of your database.

It’s the best method to sideline the fatigue and extract data smartly. Most of the outsourcing data mining companies extract data this way.

Data extraction into excel help in data mining:

Also, you can get a smart tool to carry on website data mining. You don’t need to glue your eyes to the data analytics. The demographic and online traffic data will be automatically imported. Just instruct your excel. Set the URL and here it runs according to your


Later, you can derive similar or dissimilar patterns for making business decisions. Predictive analysis would be a piece of the pie then.