How Emotion-Tapping Helps in Data Mining Marketing Research?

How Emotion-Tapping Helps in Data Mining Marketing Research?

Can you ever think of technology that has answer to your emotions? Don’t you get what I mean? Ok, won’t you appreciate a cup of hot tea automatically when you are dead tired? This is exactly what I mean. You would get hand-on experience of what you desire with least of efforts.

Desires evoke emotions that act as customer’s response in the commercial world. However, the merchant tries to blow his clients/ customers away with the heart-touching advertisement.

Emotions are a key to branding:

Now, the question is what makes an advertisement wooing. Actually, it’s the connection that a commercial ad establishes between the product and the target audience. And if the ad appears winner in making people ga-ga, it proves a blockbuster marketing trick.

Pan crew of researchers, producers, copywriter and director does romance with emotions to shape up a creative idea into the hit ad that would put the brand on map. Basically, such crew of creative experts filters out the pain points of the target audience. An intensive data mining market research is employed to figure out those pains.  Then, the real tussle begins to shrink gap between ‘no one knows’ to ‘on everyone’s lips’.

Have you watched the viral video of Uttarakhand polls? The images of prominent leader (Harish Rawat) of a leading political party (Congress) and the rival parties’ leaders are morphed brilliantly. The creative team chose blockbuster movie (Bahubali) to edit for replacing the faces of actors with political leaders’ face. The director mingled the pain points of the laymen with the hit-scenes of the movie that people love to watch. During polls, its streaming is like striking while the iron is hot.

Likewise, Coca Cola, Dominos, Flipkart, Oculus, Max Insurance, Tanishq and many more multiple brands play emotions in the ad. Evoking emotions, their TVCs end up at arousing requirement of their products/service.

Tracing emotions online:

It’s indeed a thorough research of customers’ emotions that provides accurate clues of customers’ requirements. But the evolution of internet has changed the way of marketing. Online sale-and-purchase has extensive reach to the global customers. So, it’s the cup of tea that every seller/merchant desires.

The creative crew is well versed with how to play with emotions. But is it possible to identify mood of the customers online? Without tracing them, making call-to-action (by brand) to the audience is next to impossible. However, Apple’s Emotient is pretty much in trend to identify customers’ emotion (like happy, sad/upset, excited & fearful) through artificial intelligence (AR).

But here, the need of the hour is to dig out multitudes of customers’ data residing in FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, and websites. Let’s see how their data can be utilized for tracing emotions from the business’ perspective.

Data for business perspective:

  • Social media analysis: Global customers are hooked to this network most of the times. Therefore, it’s the biggest repository of data. Drilling analytics, comments, reviews and walk-in of the online traffic unearths their emotions.

Let’s say, the business FB page of a cosmetic brand contains comments and customers’ feedback. Walking through them unties all the knots of customers’ expectation. The explosive number of likes and smileys clarifies that the brand is engaging people. The traffic in thousands on a particular cosmetic ad mutely cites people’s emotions. Thereby, it is significant to drill down its data for knowing people’s emotions to be drafted in ads rather than playing hard balls.

  • Web-analytics: Google Analytics of any website can cut the losses of the merchant. It’s better off to catch up the website analytics which showcase traffic, session, keywords and many more clues regarding customers’ insight. Bearing cost of outsourcing market research company can be good option. But if the merchant has its access, it’s better to become savvy analyst by self. Capture the landing page’s detail that has maximum and minimum traffic. Walk through the comment/review section. The marks of emotions will be reflected from the feedback and likes.