How Can Data Mining Transform Traditional Education System?

How Can Data Mining Transform Traditional Education System?

Today’s hi-tech world declares big data as a goldmine. Digging deep the treasure of information defines what data mining indeed is. The more knowledge you have, the deeper you can dive in. Thereby, innovative ideas automatically take leap from the ocean of data. This is the reason why databases are extracted from various resources. And then, what outcomes is a revolution.

The makeover is a gift of education. A learned man is marked ahead of a dozen illiterates. We proudly boost over our discoveries and innovation but what if education was missing? For sure, nomadic life might be lasting even till now. Thanks should be forwarded to education that it introduced transformation. It’s undeniable fact!

How data mining enhances education?

Now, let’s talk turkey about data mining for education. Mined data is processed to generate new information from the oldies. Hence, the derived new information becomes education. And when it spreads worldwide, its eagers utilize and blend it with their own creativity. Thereby, inventions occur. So, the need of the hour cites for upgrading the level of education with the time.

Let’s comprehend how data transforms traditional education system.

Interaction with technology: Bygone education system was all about imparting education to students under a roof. For it, teachers and pupils interacted with each other directly. But digitization is kicking out this practice gradually. Advent of eBooks, smartphones, internet, iPads, tablets and phablets has broadened the school’s dimensions. Now, the curve of interaction is shifted to technology. Smart classrooms, laptops, hi-tech libraries, computer rooms and projectors have swiped the tradition of using chalk & duster on blackboard. Students have direct access to unimaginably vast knowledge bank through these gadgets.

Mobile’s android apps, like Google Keep, Weebly, Google Slides, RefME, Animoto Video Maker, Comic and Meme Creator, Mindomo, Tynker – Learn To Code, Tape-a-Talk and Learn To Read- Monkey Junior are a few ones that spark fun and excitement in students. They magnetize and the learners creep towards them irresistibly.

Lesson design and implementation: Glitches of the traditional education system are removed to a great extent. And here also, technology is the champ. It shares all credit. Manually, a teacher must be updated. She/he must be a constant learner to impart what’s new to the students. Usually, one teacher is appointed over 10 students to teach. Can you imagine what if each pupil will have his/her own personal teacher? Internet in smartphones and computers has granted this wish of the modern pupils. On web, they can have lessons, assignments, test papers and demos for every education level. With a click and swipe, they can get wide exposure to the data of their choice. Engaging content keeps them tangled with the learning process.

For example, Comic and Meme Creator app lets the chaps build their own stories to illustrate a concept using animated pictures. Creating them will be full of interest. It keeps them hooked and fans their excitement too.  Here, creativity is unleashed and students strengthen way to inventions.

Evaluation is no more restricted to teachers: Earlier, disciples’ evaluation was solely in the hands of their teachers. But now, the broadened network of internet and technology has availed queries with their perfect answers. Students have online lessons plus quizzes based on them. So, manual teachers are needed just for providing instructions. But yes, curiosity can be prompted anytime in the heart of the student. Issues regarding data mining for completing projects can halt their learning.  There, dialog with teachers can crack that puzzle. Students can be critique of their own this way judging how well they have answered.

Students have learned how to mine data and seek answers against their queries. This is truly miraculous!