Harmonize email marketing and social media to reap benefits

Harmonize email marketing and social media to reap benefits

Most of us would know what emailing is. It constantly prevails in our routine, especially at our place of work. But only a bunch of people might be knowing that it can also be used to market a product or a service. Email marketing is of a great commercial use in promotion and endorsement. In a broader sense, email is sent to potential and existing customers to build a relationship of trust and prevalence.

How advantageous email marketing and social media, if used together, can be, is much talked about. Email marketing and social media if used coherently can be rewarding to a business. That is why SEO and SMO services in India are pressing to service this integrated approach to procure the benefits of active endorsements.

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What can be done to bond email marketing and social media?

1. Don’t hesitate in putting a bold social icon on emails:
Your approach should be say it loud and say it proud. Sticking a twitter or a Facebook icon and thinking it’s done, deserves a big NO.

2. Feel free to ask your subscribers to share and connect:
Putting a social icon is just a bit. The whole idea behind slamming a Facebook, twitter or a LinkedIn icon on the mail is, asking your subscriber to connect and share.

3. Target a particular social network and mail the campaign:
A dedicated email campaign on a specific social network can add to the advantage. This can be done beyond fixing social icons and social media icons.

4. Incentivize to connect:
At times, to ask someone for doing something you offer a benefit in return. The same can be done if you want someone to connect with you. Provide incentives to get linked with you on your social media pages.

5. Use Facebook to get email sign ups:
Facebook offers a great opportunity to embed an email sign up form as an app. Don’t dodge the option as it can be of great help.