Google Latest – Best 3 April Joke Pranks of 2014

Google Latest - Best 3 April Joke Pranks of 2014

Like every year, this year again, Google has presented to us some of the most hilarious jokes played out by tech giants from all over the world. These jokes are just as hilarious as ever and Google never fails to bring a smile on our faces on the 1st of April, each year.

This year again, the tech giant, famous for its interesting tradition, has not shied away from making the users laugh a little. To understand what this annual tradition is all about, we can say that every year Google culls out all the jokes played out by different companies across the world, and leaves users laughing by the end of it.

pokemon challenge latest google joke

These jokes or pranks, whatever you may call them, are sure hilarious, but also quite creative in their own way. If ever these ‘ideas’ could be implemented to reality, they could do wonders for these respective companies. For example, the latest joke by Virgin Atlantic and Nest says that each passenger on a flight can get personalized temperature control. This is definitely a prank, but to think of it, if this could ever be true, this idea could change the way people travel! Other joke pranks are Pokemon Challenge and Google Magic Hands

Up till now we have discussed about the latest from other companies, but now let’s take a look at the joke that Google itself has played on its users. In the same list of jokes, Google has mentioned that it was them who actually introduced us to the concept of a Gmail selfie! Yes, the much talked about word these days! Well, they say it all began when we customized our Gmail accounts to put pictures of ourselves in the background!

Hilarious isn’t it?!

Well, all we can say is that this seems to be the perfect thing to do on a day like April fool’s!