Google Fiber: Soon to Arrive in India

Google Fiber: Soon to Arrive in India

Google fiber provides fast paced broadband internet and television to numerous locations. The first city to enjoy its service was the Kansas City, Kansas. It provides fast internet up to the speed of 1 GB/second and it is soon to be launched in India.

Availability in India:

The corporate giant Google is in talk with the IT ministry of India regarding the project. The experts from Google’s operation are expected to be in India soon to evaluate the cost of the project.

According to a report by Telecom, India has approximate 65.3 million broadband subscribers and out of those 10.44% use public broadband service offered by MTNL/BSNL, rest prefer private broadband service.

Top five broadband service providers constitute 84.35% market share of total broadband subscribers at the end of May-14. They are BSNL (17.70 million), Bharti (13.84 million), Vodafone (8.23 million), Idea (8.19 million) and Reliance Communications Group (7.15 million).

Google Fiber in india

In a country where broadband subscribers are growing exponentially with nearly 12% subscribers being added each year, the Google might find its way through.

At present, Airtel provides the best internet service and its fastest and most expensive plan costs 5,999 INR per month with 100 GB of usage limit and speed is 100 Mbps after that the speed is reduced to 512 Kbps. On the contrary, Google fiber is providing broadband service at 70$ per month which is 4,317 INR with unlimited internet usage at the speed up to 1000 Mbps i.e. 1 Gbps. So, it’s an ominous sign for people of India.

Although, the price of the package may differ in India depending upon the cost of the project but the signs are positive.

Sooner a new era of communications will begin. The optical fiber-based technology is to be launched as a part of the Digital India Program. Fiber optics has always promised to provide the best connectivity.

As part of the digital India program it will enhance the digital trends in education, healthcare, judicial services and not to forget the IT industry and digital marketing services in India.

The only drawback is that Google will not launch these networks everywhere in the country. Only few metropolitan cities will reap in the benefit of this service at the beginning.