Festivals Are All Around!

Festivals Are All Around!

Festivals are drumming all around. Fervour appears on the face of every being. From Diwali in India to Christmas and Halloween in European countries, people are thrilled to enjoy them. Their excitement appears dancing in their heart.

Wearing buntings, balloons, flowers, petals and colourful banners, markets are decorating like a lovely bride. Attractive gifts, drapes, groceries and other beautiful items stall the walking crowd and cars. The entire market lanes witness a huge jam of cars’ caravan. Nonetheless, people wait eagerly and expend prodigally for capturing a few moments of togetherness & celebration. It’s what the actual magic of fests.


Just one day is remaining. Diwali is about to ring. The grand celebration is on. From a layman to celebrities, everyone has enticed their houses with lights, candles and decorations. Be it houses, shops, lawns and other buildings, nothing is left unkempt.

The word ‘Diwali’ is extracted from Sanskrit language which means the array of earthen lamps. It truly illustrates its significance. People illuminate the whole moonless night with the arraying lightening lamps, diyas and candles.

Raghuvanshi lord Rama of Ayodhya returned to his dynasty after killing Sri Lanka’s king Ravana centuries ago. The enthusiastic people burnt crackers, lighted diyas & candles, adorned their houses and exchanged gifts. Since then people got a concrete reason for celebrating this festival.

Bhai dooj:

Bhai Dooj is the festival that reinforces the bond of brother and sister. It falls on the fifth day of Diwali in the month of Kartik every year. Basically, Hindus observe it with zeal.

Hindu mythology reveals the reason beneath its observation. Lord Krishna marked his presence at his sister Subhadra’s house. She honoured him while anointing vermillion and rice. Tasting sweets lord Krishna assured his protection while blessing her.

There is another myth linked to Yama-the lord of death and Yami-his sister. Like Subhadra, Yami also respected her brother with vermillion, rice and sweets. In return, lord Yama promised to guard her lifelong.


Halloween is a celebration of superstition. Also called Hallow’s Eve, this day falls a day before All Saints’ Day in eighth century. The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Ireland shares the credit of its convention. The idea behind setting this tradition was to ward off the evils and ominous spirits.

November 1 is celebrated as New Year Eve in Ireland, France and United Kingdom. It’s also a martyr day. It is remembered for honouring the sacrifice of saints who were killed which battling the demons, ghosts and spirits.

Even today, people kick-start its preparations weeks ago. The thought to look so terrible and daunting motivates them to try some different kind of weird look. They burn bonfires to kill the evil spirits and wear costumes to resemble like a fiery monster. Top of all’s thought is to enjoy the tradition while playing games and munching delicious food.


The whole world celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ as Christmas on December 25.  He is the only one whom Christian community worships. He is who laid foundation of this community.

While helping needy, feeding hungry, treating ailments and showing the path of courtesy, humanity, honesty and fraternity, he passed his life. Jesus spread love but got death and betrayal from his own disciple Yuhanna. And when he got capital punishment, the smile did not leave his face. He kept on blessing and asking for the forgiveness to the sinister.

In Europe, people start decorating places and shopping months ago. And when the day comes, they assemble in the church for prayer. Carols are sung by chorus and Christmas tree is decorated. Cakes are exchanged to sweeten the tongue and grow brotherhood.  Children love it since jingle bell comes on the sleigh to give them gift. However, it’s a myth but they do get gifts.