Facebook Update: Redesign Page and Newsfeed

Facebook Update: Redesign Page and Newsfeed

On 6Th of March, Facebook came out with an updated look for the website’s news feed so that both the desktop and mobile version get a similar look, creating ease and similarity in using the features across both platforms.

During 2013, the Facebook development team experimented with a complete redesign of News Feed for mobile and desktops. These were tested and reviewed by people being told that they preferred the one with bigger images and photos, but overall a little difficulty in navigation was felt by them.

The current update took out the best from both sides. Hence, keeping the navigation and layout features the same as liked by people, but comes with larger images. The current mobile design remains unaffected.

The current changes can only be seen with visual updates and these don’t affect the way of implementing surface content to the users. Also, the raking of stories is kept in the same way in the News Feed. With the larger version of design for images, both advertisements and organic stories are kept in their same size- quite similar to mobile version.


These changes are also expected to roll out in the coming weeks. A Facebook marketer does not need to place any action. The current requirements for creative image aspect ratios and creative specifications for advertisements remain unaffected. The optimizing or buying of ads is not affected by these updates. On Monday the company announced an upcoming new look for its pages, changing the page appearance for both page admin and users to what the company calls as more of a “streamlined” page look.

The newest design comes with two columns quite similar to the old version and but the right column is the timeline of the page and left keeps the page information. Search Engine Marketing Services Companies India  is also expected to get substantial gains through the upcoming update of the Facebook pages, providing ease in usage.