Facebook stands winner among top-notch social media websites

Facebook stands winner among top-notch social media websites

Liable for bringing more than 24 percent traffic to the website, Facebook is the fast runner among all other similar platforms. Social media has become an integral part of promotional strategies. Growing inclination of companies towards using social media platform is paving way towards copious opportunities. Even the largest of companies could not resist themselves from having a LinkedIn or a Twitter page.


Companies providing core search engine marketing services are of a uniform view that in this era of high competition if companies are keeping themselves secluded from the use of social media, then they will be responsible for their own downfall. This is especially true for small scale companies, which cannot lavishly spend over website development and regular updation.


Some of the accredited social media platforms are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Facebook is clearly leading in bringing referrals to the organizations using it. Nearly 24 % of their overall visitors are brought by the Facebook page elucidating an organization’s general layout and domain of service. This is because Facebook has been notified as most visited social media site and visits are more than 64 percent on daily basis. Next to Facebook is Pinterest. Pinterest has been termed as reigning queen of social media. This site has managed to pull around 7.10 percent of entire social media traffic towards an organization’s website. Its contribution towards social media visits has shown a fair increase from 3.38% to 69.53% in last four years.




Facebook and Pinterest have shown their absolute hierarchy among various social media platforms but the influence of other similar websites should be duly noticed. The impact of Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit is though not very high but is somewhat favorable in gathering traffic. However, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn have lost the race by contributing not more than 0.06% individually. Even though the contribution of these site is marginal, but there was a time when visitors response to these platforms were unbeatable.