Specific search queries by webmaster tools – Latest Update

Specific search queries by webmaster tools - Latest Update

 Having trouble in determining your web position! 

Google webmaster tools recent update will show you the exact position of your site on the search result pages with the number of clicks, impressions and queries. In addition to this feature, a new filter has been integrated for those who have a lot of mobile traffic coming on their sites.

Here’s a look of the updated search queries page of the web master tool:webmaster-search-queries-update

Earlier Google provided rounded up statistics of the impressions and clicks for your websites. The stats were rounded up to the nearest million, making it difficult for webmasters to decipher, if their site was doing well or not.

By introducing this update Google aims to make the information actionable and specific to reduce the work of the webmasters so that they can right away focus on taking necessary steps to improvise on their website position. This change will be out in a few days and illustrate the data of those websites which have at least one page displayed on the Google page results.

Statistics for desktop and mobile query will be displayed separately in this update as online users respond differently; they may use desktop or a mobile device. As there is an increase in the number of consumers using mobile devices the information related to mobile search queries will be beneficial for webmasters. In order to switch from desktop to mobile queries simply click on the search queries page and select the filter displaying different result for both the queries.