Is E-mail marketing still effective Key element for Business?

Is E-mail marketing still effective Key element for Business?

Email marketing is one the best platforms for B2B advertising. Email marketing helps in generating genuine prospects leading to higher sales and improves customer awareness. Email marketing is good source to strengthen your brand online and construct valuable, quality relationships with clients.

Email is still the preferred source for B2B marketing

More than 60 percent of B2B marketers accepted that email is the most effective channel to generate revenue for their business.

Investment in email marketing is expected to grow from $ 1.3 Billion in 2010 to $ 3 billion by 2015

Taking account of the number of people reading emails on their mobiles is 80.8 percent every day.

With 2.9 billion accounts email has 3 times more user accounts compared to twitter and facebook, which doesn’t include spam.

Emails were not drafted for clients or your loved ones. Emails are written to build your brand and attract genuine prospects for your business to prosper. A good email marketing campaign is all the difference to gain clients or lose them on first mail itself. Emails need to be handled by expect writers who can capitalize on the requirements of your readers and grab their attention quickly before they read the mail and shut their mind.
Email campaigns or email marketing will only be effective when there is no repetition in your email content, is acceptable for your readers. Emails must be written in such a manner which corresponds to the needs and expectations of the customers.

Less than 1/3rd business enterprises send their email marketing campaigns to clients.

Emails are still a preferred channel to reach millions of online users as it offers business enterprises a way to send newsletters and other promotional advertisements which informs clients about the new services or products launched in the global market.

Emails is the only medium which is safe and secure when compared with Facebook and twitter and is very formal medium to send information related to your business to clients. Social media is not the only answer to gain lead email marketing has been the tradition business to business market expert for years and still continues to foster great sales and business leads. The only condition is how email campaigns are used by today’s young business entrepreneurs to reach their clients.