Creative Ideas for Home Decoration on Diwali

Creative Ideas for Home Decoration on Diwali

Hindu’s grand festival ‘Diwali’ is around the corner. It falls on 19th of October in 2017. It is the Kartik Amavasaya or the full moon night when the murkiness engulfs the surrounding. The murkiness equalizes demons. To dispel it, people light earthen lamps, candles and electric lamps/bulbs. This is how the demons are reduced to nil. It’s a victory of good over the bad.

So! What’s your plan? How are you going to decorate your home this Diwali?

Let I shed off this burden from you with these creative ideas for home decoration.  All of these ideas have the reflection of our enriched culture & tradition.

  1. Float the candles:

Illumination is a must to do as it’s a full moon night. The cosmic force & positive aroma flare with the light. To keep the fervor alive, it’s essential. You can float the candles on the water. It sounds simple. To make it crafty & creative, you can follow these steps:

  • Take a crystal bowl.
  • Fill it half.
  • Pour a few colourful marbles into it.
  • Take an aluminum candle & light it.
  • Put it floating onto the water surface in the crystal bowl.
  • Sprinkle a few rose petals in the water.  Its effect would be no less than a magic.
  1. Earthen lamp in rangoli:

The rainbow colours represent the zest springing in our heart. Each colour sprinkles its own magic. You can create a refreshing pattern of colours. It can be a perfect blend of geometric lines, curves and circles. What you can do is to grind the rice into flour. Add different colours to it in the separate bowls. Then,

  • Draw the pattern on the floor with a chalk-stick.
  • Decide which colour to fill which space or pattern. Stain the pattern with colours.
  • Fill it lavishly with the Rangoli colours.
  • You can highlight the lines or curves with the flowers or festoons.
  • Light it with the earthen lamps. You can put them fit in the design creatively.
  1. Craft lamps

Would you buy decorative lamp shades? Try to endeavor your craftiness this Diwali. Craft it yourself. Believe me! It’ll be a way cheaper than that of ready-made lamps. And, they would steal your heart away.

  • You can use old caps or hats.
  • Fit the bulb inside by drilling a hole in the middle of the hat.
  • Take the cable through it.
  • Set the bulb in the holder.

Alternatively, you can treat a glass bottle like a lamp.

  • Keep the lit candle inside the bottle.
  • Hang the bottle with thicker aluminum wire.
  • Before hanging, wrap the wire with colourful tape.  And you are done with your DIY lamp.
  1. Fruity Candles

Doesn’t it sound lip smacking? Yes, it is. You can inhale the mesmerizing Tutty-fruity fragrances with the lightening effect. You would require some oranges peel.

  • Peel the oranges with care because that peel is going to be your candle.
  • Cut it in the zigzag style from the middle. If you wish, change its shade with some different hues.
  • Put the aluminum candle inside. Light it.
  1. Festoons & toran

Auspicious festoons are an alignment of the flowers & leaves in the thread.  The torans are also the enticing materials with the holy scripts or symbols, like Om, Swastik and Shri.

You can buy or just paste the ready-made torans that look really eye-catching. As far as festoons are concerned, you can:

  • Stitch the flowers of your choice together in a thread.
  • Don’t tie once you stitch them all.
  • Rather, fasten the ends by a knot separately.