Celebrate Christmas with Data Mining Tools to Spy Online

Celebrate Christmas with Data Mining Tools to Spy Online

Online Malpractices:

Do you know about the deadly online “Blue Whale Game”?  It raised the buzzer when teenagers started committing suicide in Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Bulgaria, Iran, Italy and Russia. By subduing to its addiction, they dared to take up the life-taking challenges. Such games are emerging as an internet predator. Eventually, they end up their lives. Besides this, chatting on the social media network may sometimes lead to depression. A psychological blow can let them to be upset & stressed.

All in all, big data are vulnerable to each and every one. But the tender mindset of the growing children doesn’t combat the drastic abuse online. Its reason lies underneath ignorance of the parents or guardians.

Parental Ignorance:

Parents stay blindfolded about the online activities of their children. With whom they chat, what links they search and what they search- these are some dead serious questions. But most of the time, the parents forget attending such them seriously. They must have a priority to safeguard their kid’s life.

Data Mining of Social Networking:

The social networks bridge the gap between the online predators and the prey (i.e. children). Around 4 out of five children accept friend request of the strangers. A study clearly mentioned that 43 percent underage ones love social media gossiping with the unknown ones. Later, they even meet them. Consequently, they become vulnerable to abuse.

If you think a social media can’t be inauthentic, you’re wrong. Rather, it’s the biggest hub of such online predators. Every problem has a solution. To come out safe from this critical challenge, you have an easy access to the best data mining tools & techniques. You can learn these details of the online predators:

  • Age
  • Activities
  • Authenticity of the online practices
  • Email Ids
  • Demography and so on.

Snapchat -Predator’s Chat-Room:

With the fan-following of 200 million active monthly users, Snapchat is a blockbuster. The ghost mascot lives in millions of Android and iPhones. Especially teenagers love to chat, share snaps as well as quirky videos every day on it. The snaps live for a second or two and then, go invisible forever. And, the long story posts go self-destroyed after 24-hour. All these and many more astonishing features are continuously sticking more and more active users to it.

Spy apps- An Emerging Data Mining Tool:

However, you can’t keep an eye on every activity of your ward. The spy apps can provide such kind of data mining solutions. You can become the informed parents by monitoring every activity of your ward online via these apps. They not only scan and send their chat, images & videos but they also let you mine the previous data.

Most of the spy apps are a premium service but a few can be free. They offer:

  • Registered list of contacts and SMS
  • Call info
  • Tracking list & tasks
  • Explored sites, photos and videos
  • Spy on YouTube & social media networks
  • Eye on emails & Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook etc..
  • Track GPS on the map
  • Deliver report on your registered account
  • Alert on unwanted activities
  • Hidden camera and screen scanning

Kids are brimmed with curiosity. It tosses in their mind every time. This is why they push to some objectionable online links. There are some online tools like Distill to identify what the website shares.    Likewise, there are tools to spy.

So, enjoy your X-mas celebration with the complete information of your wards.