Can Apps Help In Data Mining for Various Industries?

Can Apps Help In Data Mining for Various Industries?

Are you getting raw end of the deal? Have you looked into why your sale has come down? Do you still climb on the old bandwagon of marketing & business trends?

You must be agreed over the fact that business and technology walk cheek by jowl. And, technology is evolving every second. What else can be its ideal example than e-Commerce industry! It’s booming by leaps and bounds. But backstage, these are perfect analysis and ground-breaking strategies that together compose a success story.

Why web scrapping today?

Data is at the epicenter which every industry is willing to drill out. Why? Obviously, every industrialist, today, wants to capture consumers’ behaviour, ethnology and demography. This is why the business community plunges to web scrapping. This outstanding method of data mining enriches them with the valuable data of countless consumers.

Later, the expert data analyst filters out the most useful data chunks. Further, such business strategies are derived that have an assurance of bumper sale and fat revenue. Accordingly, efficacies and other inputs, such as capital, technology, personnel and logistics, are employed to satisfy customers.

But the biggest question is from where they get the data. What else than the apps can be its ultimate source in the world of artificial intelligence!

Are apps helpful in data mining?

Whatever we do today has the reflection of technology. Of course, apps too are an integral part of modern technical landscape. Or, we can say that tapping to apps pulls the pandora’s box out of our lives. Can’t believe? Don’t you order food via Grofers, pizzahut or domino’s app? Don’t you use RedBus, Ola or Uber cab’s app for reaching to your destination? Don’t you buy trendy outfits through Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal’s app?

In the nutshell, apps enable the industries get the customers’ data which they deliver post hand on experience. Their back office expert team keeps an eye on feedbacks, reviews and comments. Resultantly, they get successful in tapping their sentiments through their real-time data.

Let’s catch on the roundup how apps can help in data mining below.

Tap history: The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) form works wonder but at the backstage. Whatever personal details the customer feeds for subscribing or placing orders, they get stockpiled in the app in the background.

Don’t you wonder how your gmail inbox gets crowded with so many offers from the sites where you did shopping? It’s no magic but the mind-blowing efficiency of the CRM. The web experts fetch what, when, where and who has bought from the analytical chart attached to the app.

These historical details set the stage for the data analysis experts to carve cash cow marketing strategies. These marketing strategies are so much accurate that customers sense if their sentiments are premeditated pretty well.

Tailor attractive schemes: You no longer need to search what you desire. Apps seem as if they are omnipresent. Alone India has around 1 crore internet users. Such as huge population would have vulnerability to apps. And so has the apps to their historic data. By mining their data, the industrialists win a key to mould their products according to their desire.

For example, if I explore branded Forever 21 glasses, the app continues to note down how much time I spend on exploring what. Later, the data mining for this ecommerce company takes it out for deep consideration and analysis. Finally, their predictive analysis will reflect from the discount offers and schemes they offer to me. It will consist of those branded glasses.       

To cater loyalty programs for long relations: Building strong customer relationship is what all industries aim at. This is why they specifically attend the minded data of their loyal audience. Putting it in the funnel of stringent analysis, they weave programs that have tendency to gravitate to them.

For example, a cab app can offer free ride for certain distance to its debutant users. And for its existing users, it can provide free wi fi and ride to remote areas at special discount. These facilities would make the customers more loyal.       

To build reputation: Let’s say, a transportation and logistics company mines data. On the basis of its customers’ data, its app offers free and eco-friendly ride to a particular location every month. Its existing customers will never say goodbye. Instead, it would try its facility more frequently. Its services ensure sustainability that the customers seek in products & services. Moreover, their gaga experience will motivate them to do mouth to mouth publicity. And many of them tend to share their exhilaration on facebook, twitter, snapshot and other social media platforms.