BPO Outsourcing: 2014 Sortilege of Supply Chain Management

BPO Outsourcing: 2014 Sortilege of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the production of an item right from when it is of the form of a raw material right till it becomes the final finished product. The earlier type of SCM included each company dealing with different steps of production being limited to the knowledge of its own manufacturing. Gradually SCM has evolved into a complete, jointed management which thrives to produce a product pandering to the needs of the customer effectively. Further improvements are being made in the process of supply so that the flow becomes smooth and productive.

A change which can be expected in BPOs is the new idea of making the payment after the work is done. Contrary to the previous idea of making a pre-decided payment for a particular project, this new way of monetary planning will be a lot easier for the client. This idea holds other interesting prospects such as forming mutual payment plans between client and the service provider which might include bonuses for certain accomplishments and loyalty bonuses.

There are also talks that Business Process Outsourcing in India and China might reduce as many American companies have decided to pursue business on-shore or near-shore. The change is suggested mainly owing to the accent problem for customers, rising wages in South Asian countries and time zone problems for outsourcers. Many Electronic companies have already moved their business onshore.

Another revolution which is being predicted in Supply Chain Management is the development of mobile apps for businesses. Although the percentage of businesses with personal mobile apps is low there is a sortilege that once the development becomes easier than before, in a couple of years almost 50 percent of the major corporations would have their own applications.

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With the number of customers increases the customer service would need to grow into a more intricate system. Call center services in India are becoming better and better by employing by choosing the best out of a plethora of candidates. The process of selection has become more complex and reliable due to the always increasing need for better solution providers for the customers. The customers services are now not only restricted to phones as there are people employed on live chats, video chats, e-mails etc. There are also customer care accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. There is also a need for employees proficient in more than two languages.