How to boost your e-commerce site search?

How to boost your e-commerce site search?

If you are an imminent online store owner than it is extremely important for you to engage your visitors and increase your conversion rates simultaneously generating revenue from sales efforts. But the question here is how to keep your visitor occupied in searching your e-commerce website. Amazon and Flipkart exemplify two great success stories in the world of e-commerce. These sites provide an insight on what effective techniques can be followed to improve your site search apart from adopting an eminent filter system and offering a highly flourished range of products.

Have you ever wondered why first search result is harry potter instant video when you type harry potter on the search bar? Or why search results are so fast? This is to retain visitors and convert them into frequent buyers. Thus, making easy for visitors to hunt on your online marketing website is a requisite for an e-commerce store. Here are few tips recommended by e-commerce website development companies on how to go about it.


1. Put up a site search for your website:
Knowing the fact that patience level and attention span of the online traffic is shallow, store owner still find it obvious not having a site search for their online store. They fail to realize that site search has to be at the very beginning of a favorable shopping experience.

2. Have a prominent search box:
To navigate your site search, fix a search. Do make sure that your search box is visible and is applied to every page, so that is easy to find. A protuberant search box on every page would make it easy for the customers to return back to product they were looking for at any point of time.

3. Ensure a quick search:
As discussed above visitors lack in patience and attention span. This is why it important to develop a system that would further rapid search. This can be done by getting a large server or additional memory. Even better, find a good cloud based hosted search.

4. Get your search box embedded with autocompletion:
Autocompletion or autosuggest mode is really helpful in minimizing time taken to conduct search. When you type anything on search bar a drop down appears suggesting possible options related to what is entered in the box. This make search extremely easy on words that are difficult to spell.

5. Add images related to product name or description:
A picture can, at times, describe lot more than just words. However, while developing a product description is recommended to apt attach pictures with product description. This makes it easy to identify the desired product.
Summary: to make visitors stick to your website and have a high conversion rate it is necessary have a plenty of visitors searching your site. For this it is important having an easy to search site.