Beware! Google May ‘Unverify’ Inactive My Business Account Users

Beware! Google May ‘Unverify’ Inactive My Business Account Users

Are you active on your Google My Business account? If not, then be ready to be expelled from this search engine’s local business listing. Google is ready to sweep sleeping business operators very soon. What’s their fault? Well, they haven’t logged on their local business account on Google. And for SEO services in India or abroad, it’s the key step to click open your business account online. Else, how can Google know that ‘you are active’? This is the confirmed vital information came from the Google representative ‘Jade Wing’. So, don’t take it as ‘Hoax’.

How all Google My Business account holders will know it?

Google representatives will shortlist the sleeping Google My Business users & then, will dispatch an email stating like this: Being inactive for long time, you are ‘UNVERIFIED’ for local business listing. It’s a regime for proper management of ‘Google local listing account’. If ‘no response’ from the inactive business operator will be sent against Google mail then they will automatically be kicked off from the listing.

Why cleansing to ‘My Business Account’ listing?      

There are so many businesses that are either called off or changed. But on Google listing, they still occupy space. And, innumerous other local business operators are in ‘waiting list’ to commence the similar businesses which already exist in the local listing. Since it’s in the name of inactive operators, it can’t be their cup of tea. After this cleansing, Google will provide its platform to only active users in its listing under the banner ‘Google My Business’. Through discarding the inactive ones, other local business operators are open to come on the track of Google, where digital marketing can place them in local search result. And who knows, your top page ranking may prove boom to your business..!

What if an Active business operator in UNVERIFIED?

You can contact to google for assistance, in case, your account is ‘UNVERIFIED’ for Google My Business listing. They will surely restore your account to make your authenticity on Google as ‘ACTIVE’. All such account holders must remember that they, too, can be kicked out if they have not been logging on for six months continuously. So, it’s better to keep watch on your inbox of Google My Business account. And don’t forget to respond to the email of Google on time.