7 Tips to Increase Traffic on your Website

7 Tips to Increase Traffic on your Website

The success of a website depends on the number of factors and high traffic on the website is one of those. There are many ways to drive traffic to the website. Here are few tips to drive traffic to the website:

Use Keywords

It’s important to use keywords relevant to the content of the website but most important make sure it fits the content perfectly. Make a list of keywords to use from keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner and target those keywords.

Choose keywords that are more than three words, low in competition and medium to low searches if it’s a new website.

Write Articles on Your Niche

Writing articles for your website as well as off-page websites helps in attracting traffic to the website.  The articles make you appear as an expert in your domain. Most directories publish articles for free and have unlimited submission services allowing you to cover many subject areas within your niche.

Write a Review

Ask customers to write reviews about the products. Giving honest and accurate information about the product will help raise the sale of your ecommerce website.

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Social Media

Social media optimization using websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are a major source of internet marketing these days. Regular updates, pictures, offers, and promotions are the probably the best way to drive traffic to the website.

Post Regularly

As much as social media is important, having a strategy is equally important. For example, if you’re targeting audience globally, post updates keeping in mind the time of the major cities. But if you’re targeting locally, it’s best to update after working hours for Social media and articles during the working hours.

Create YouTube Posts

World’s third biggest website in the world drives traffic from all over the world. Posting video blog on it and adding it to your website gives customer brief description about your products and line of work without having to go through long textual content.

Use Paid Traffic Sources

Using paid sources like Google AdWords and Facebook Ad is great option for a fledgling website or business, which is just making its way in the market.