With more than 500 million, WhatsApp touching a new high

With more than 500 million, WhatsApp touching a new high

WhatsApp, which is the most popular social messaging app have now more than half a million users. Co-founded by Ukrainian Jan Koum and American Brian Acton in year 2009, it was acquired by Facebook this February for $19 billion. This acquisition by far is referred to as most expensive deal.

Brian Acton who created WhatsApp along with Jan Koum was rejected by Facebook and twitter before he developed this app. These figures were revealed in WhatsApp blog post with a vote of thanks for all its potential users.

Mr.MarkZuckerberg stated that in little more than six years, on July 2010 Facebook attained a milestone of 500 million users. At this pace Mr. Zuckerberg expect WhatsApp to reach 1 billion user mark faster than the Facebook, Which means WhatsApp is already half way through.


Initially the news reported that WhatsApp biggest competitor had an inundation of potential customers, but now that appears no to be true. WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum revealed that India is the sole and the largest source of growth, with more than 48 million monthly active users coming from India which is a from 40 million actively monthly users in the month of February. Another interesting fact is that WhatsApp user base in has more than doubled since august 2013. Not just India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico are also a source of large WhatsApp user base, and have significantly contributed to It’s success, Kom revealed.

WhatsApp share more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every day. Its voice messaging app introduced last summer was a hit. Now it is planning to launch voice calling.