4 Email Marketing Tips to Hike Conversion Rate

4 Email Marketing Tips to Hike Conversion Rate

Pitching audience is not a walk in the park. It needs talking turkey. The stalwarts of marketing generate buzzing. Many new marketing strategies are devised every day. And most of them fall flat in alluring customers. But the ones that capture attention are titled as outstanding.

Messaging or texting revolutionized communication. According to Portio Research, 23 billion messages per day and 16 million messages per minute are sent. How amazing! The open rate of texts is around 98% as per Mobile Marketing Watch. And Velocify states 45% of these texts meet conversion.

Foregone statistics boost strategists to hook towards email marketing. What a producer wants is conversion. And if email marketing ensures higher conversion rate, none can ignore it.

Loyalty Invitation via coupons and discounts: Like strife, loyalty pays off. Loyal customers win perks. It’s an unparalleled promotional activity. Loyalty programs are already creating sensation. Banking on such promo coupons and discounts, a company can top the popularity chart. Before that, a thorough research underlies digging the taste and season of the product. The redemption rate is much higher than that of any other promotional activity for sales as per market research.

For example, the CRM acts as a data store of the customers. eBay.in wanted to have bumper sale. So, it introduced coupons and discounts for tempting its customers. It sent texts to its former customers. The text carried coupon codes for discounts on its various seasonal items. A reputed data extraction company availed it info about seasonal items. It also tagged the comparative rate list on the items which were discounted. Consequently, its sales rate promoted from 10 % to 60 %.

What’s the timing to email: Time is money for an entrepreneur. But lots of marketing call can annoy a customer. So, it’s exponential to choose the perfect time for marketing communication.

  • Choose working hours: Customers seem available during working hours, i.e. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. The mindset allows picking almost every call or message. However, their intension seems never miss any leveraging official call. So, the emails during such working hours are read positively.     
  • Skip non-working days: Weekend and Monday are the days when customers have their own plan. Mostly, people have mood to party at weekend. They want to reserve it for socializing whereas Monday is the day for no kidding. Only work is emphasized on that day.      
  • Let customers wait for sale: The best time to email about the sale is two or three days before weekend. The party animals plan for celebration. So, they love to place order for pretty dress or item for the occasion on off days. And if they have a plan to be couch potato in the house, they will surely save coupon code in their text message for ordering in the vacation.

Unite with mobile payment: Payment option can turn hasty sale. So, the entrepreneur should play mind game and integrate the text with a hyperlink text. This link will be a true navigator to pump up sales. It will jump the customers directly to the mobile payment option.

Team up with a developer and designer or outsource the same for installing an agile mobile payment app. In US, this trick earned millions through immediate sales. And the credit goes to the linked mobile payment option.

Make a list: Many data mining companies sell authentic data. They capitalize on data extracting software, like WebScraper and DataCrops.  These software drill down the APIs and extract authentic details of the customers. So, the emails and phone numbers can easily be tracked for generating an excellent list. The store CMR of the subscribers will be a plus. Compile the entire data in a consolidated Excel spreadsheet. It will prove a handy tool to text an email for pitching customers.