4 Common SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided

4 Common SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided

Well, which business wouldn’t want their website to be on the top of the search engines? For some it comes easier, you type ‘F’ in the Google and it shows ‘www.facebook.com’ on the number one rank. But it’s Facebook, the second most popular website today.

Since, there are over 1 billion websites available today. Ranking on the search engine can be a game changer for most companies, whether new or old.

This is where the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is helping businesses realize their true value on the internet media with over 3 billion users from all over the world and that is a big number. Imagine what kind of exposure that your website is receiving.


Some business companies prefer to hire SEO professionals and they work in-house for the company, but most companies prefer to hire a third party to do the SEO service for them, which is more cost effective. In either case, certain mistakes must be avoided to get the best results possible organically:

Bad Title Tags

For starters, make sure that the title doesn’t exceed 65 characters and try to use the relevant keyword in the title.

Now, bad title tags are the ones that are not relevant to the page and neither descriptive enough. A title like “SEO” is boring in comparison to the effectiveness of a page title like “SEO professional services in India.” make title more descriptive, interesting and congruent with the content. Lastly, do not make any spelling and grammatical errors at least in the page title; nothing puts off a person from opening a link then easy spell error.

Black Hat Technique

SEO is a slow process and it takes time to give the effective result. Any company offering quick and effective results will engage in black hat technique. In SEO, a black hat technique is which doesn’t obey SEO guidelines.

One popular method is to do keyword stuffing. It involves using a targeted keyword over and over again or in many cases coloring the keyword same as background which becomes invisible to the naked eye and is used to build links. These cheap techniques can backfire and instead dip the ranking of the website.

Unrealistic Expectations

Understanding what SEO is the first step to making realistic expectations. You won’t see results overnight. It takes time; 6 months to a year of regular SEO will give the best results. Stay involved in the process, while strategizing and working with social media websites.

A Lack of Deep Links

There are two types of links when it comes to SEO: shallow and deep link. The former represents the kind of links you get from a menu without any sort of surrounding text. The latter are links, surrounded by keyword-rich content that works to create a tightly knit web and makes it easier for viewers to seek more related content on your website. A lack of these links, especially on your home page, can mean that you’re not distributing authority throughout your website. It can also increase harmful factors like your site’s bounce rate by allowing users to navigate back to the results page of their search engine.