2014 demands: App Developers need to be more Versatile

2014 demands: App Developers need to be more Versatile


The process of application development is becoming more intricate because of new programming languages coming in and the old ones being updated regularly. Scala, an object-functional programming language and scripting language, Erlang, a general purpose general concurrent, runtime system and garbage-collected programming language and Lisp, a high-level programming language are some of the languages which are predicted to be used more often by developers than they already are. There is a lot of excitement related with Java 8 as it is set to include lambda expressions and developers would be able to add functional programming features to it, which is being touted as the next big thing in the evolution of programming languages.

A challenge most of the developers would face is working on the user interface (UX). The Internet is available on a plethora of devices therefore developers can get headaches in designing the interface for different device. Mobile applications are naturally getting more attention than before because the number of smart phone users has increased tenfold. The fashion of using tablets has introduced another interface for the developers to work on. Main issue arises because the developers are not accustomed to the way customers use a particular app on a particular device. There is the option of developing a responsive design although it is not in every developer’s forte.

user interface design

There are predictions that API (Application Programming interface) redesign can become a developers’ favourite very soon. Web application development companies in India are already redesigning APIs as per the demands of mobile and other Internet devices. While the API markets would see a rapid surge, HTML5 may have to wait a few more years to completely take over traditional mobile app development and instead would continue to grow in co-existence with the native environments such as Adobe’s FlexBuilder for iOS, and Eclipse for Android.

Programmers can also work on crowdsourcing. Web development service providers in India are always looking to hire developers online on short term basis to work on projects. It not only helps developers earn extra bucks sitting at home, but can motivate them into coming up with innovative ideas. Developers can also try their skills on several dedicated crowdsourcing websites such as Guru, which hires freelancers for various projects based on bids, Feedback Army which gives you a chance to test your website using crowds, Utest which allows users to do a security test, usability test, etc.