10 Latest E-Commerce design trends in 2014

10 Latest E-Commerce design trends in 2014

1)      Flat design

In a competition ruled by ios and Android, Nokia had to stand out in some way. The new Lumia phone was specifically praised for its Windows 8 interface which is commonly known as the flat design. It allows multiple menus on a single screen ordered in a neat and colorful manner. The file sizes are small and hence load quickly.

The E-Commerce has been fast shifting to mobile and mobile devices namely tablets. Hence, the focus of new designs is working on smaller, finger touch screens. 10 E-Commerce design trends to expect in 2014 are:


2)      Classy fonts

You get to see new fonts almost every day ranging from niche quality ones to funky emo-ish fonts. The E-Commerce websites would be concentrating on choosing from a plethora of texts to make the text more interactive and less monotonous.

Classy fonts3)      More attention on developing finger friendly interface

With mobiles and tablets becoming the preferred E-Commerce options it is important that a website’s interface is created keeping in mind that the usage would be hassle free on a touch screen device.

finger friendly interface

4)      Responsive design

Responsive design, as the name suggests, is an approach which allows a website to respond to the user’s environment by changing the interface depending upon the type of device. Therefore the cumbersome efforts of designing differently for different platforms can now be avoided. This design is being worked upon by almost all of the best e-commerce websites in India.

Responsive design5)      More fun in scrolling

Sometimes on a touch screen device it is fun to just scroll aimlessly. Other than that a few websites demand that there should be more than just a vertical scroll. Therefore horizontal scroll, parallax scroll, infinite scroll etc., are being incorporated into websites.


6)      Interactive videos

Micro videos are becoming trendy day by day. A few websites have started relying on them to improve their marketing. They are short, easy to buffer and yet manage to make the implied impact. There has also been work done to include GIF images on websites. Best internet marketing websites in India suggest that the use of videos makes a website all the more interesting.

Interactive videos

7)      More focus on colours

Photoshop experts’ vision is no longer limited to the standard VIBGYOR but has dived into intricate ethereal combinations.

Colors adjustment

8)      Getting more content on a single screen

Some websites are trying to get most of the content on a single page rather than asking the readers to scroll further. This allows the reader to get what the website is selling in a shorter span of time by going through just one page.

content screen

9)      Usage of tiles

Tiles make a website look graceful as well as cover a lot of content in a single space. The interface becomes neat and elegant.

use of titles

10)      Micro UX effects 

Using Micro UX effects you can make you website like a merry go round. You can create dancing images, click sensitive menus and other interesting transitions.