10 Innovative ideas under Ecommerce Solutions

10 Innovative ideas under Ecommerce Solutions

E-commerce is a promising sector which offers mid size and small enterprises to grow, serve as independent online retailers and stand out in this competitive market among the best in this industry. This business has grown in phenomenal way during 2013. As global online trends are changing and customers are expecting more than before.

The trends have changed and there is a requirement to introduce a few of them to our readers

1. Make your E-commerce site a source of knowledge
E-commerce is growing all over the globe. Most of Ecommerce website development company India are still maturing whereas in the developed nations online retailing has reached its peak. Sites must be created to educate the customers with information which is vital for them to read and ask for products related to the query they have put on the site.

2. Be aware of the new tools available in the market
Cutting edge technology and tools help ecommerce owners to be ahead of their competitors in strategizing plans to gain more revenue.

3. Think like a Consumer
A great intellectual has said “Be the change you want to see.” If you’re the owner of an E-commerce site then think like a buyer, go through every page of the site and analyze which areas are not working according to your expectations then take appropriate steps to change them.

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4. Give much significance to product
Customers are not sure what strategy you have implemented for your products. Choose high quality resolution images which are pleasing to the eyes of the viewer. The proliferation of product image sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Fancy and open sky has made it essential to integrate stylized images of your products.

5. Answer the questions posted on your FAQs
Sometimes customers leave questions on FAQs which may be related to a product or service. The question may be a general query as well. Make sure to answer these queries which are posted on your FAQ, this will assist you to gain customers.

6. Zoom, rotate and change
Customers like to zoom on the products to take close inspection of the products they are looking to purchase. Sometimes rotate it and change the color of the product to see how it will look on them if it’s an apparel or shoe.

7.  Build your social media profile
Build your social media profile and as you post images or content, leave links of your sites. Online retailers who have an enriched online media influence are likely to gain more customers than others.

8. Customize APIs for your online store
Use APIs for linking various applications available on the internet with your E-commerce site. If you’re a small owner you can hire developers who will help you in integrating your site with apps. There is E-commerce development Company in India which are ready to help small and mid size owners to grow in this business.

ecommerce website development company India9. Create Product videos or slides on your E-commerce site
According to an independent source, more than 65 percent online users are likely to buy a product online, by viewing a video of the product. A product demo would be a boon as well. Internet marketing company in India and other south Asian countries are known to be cost-effective and offer brilliant solutions in E-commerce development.

10. Personalized retail experience
Those who are just looking for products or services on your site, customization is limited to search paths. But for the regular customer, who keeps coming back for more, benefit them with a welcome message and information about their last purchase. You can integrate this across your homepage or product page etc. You can also leave a note after they have picked a product from the catalog, about other products available at the same price.