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ISO 9001:2008


ISO, viz., International Organization of Standardization is a voluntary and non-governmental organization. ISO is an independent organization made up of 163 member countries which have their own national standard bodies. ISO has set some internationally recognized standards to mark the management system of an organization as efficient.

Eminenture Private Limited is one of the leading global process outsourcing company making specialized provisions for Knowledge Consulting, Business Transformation and Technology Services. Eminenture aims at the virtue of giving priority to its clients and employees and by this virtue the company has managed to conform to the standards of quality proclaimed by the ISO and has, therefore, obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Company’s quality management system adheres with the quality principles exhibited by the ISO. Purpose of the ISO 9001 certification is to make a company’s quality management system internationally acknowledged. By obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification Eminenture has made its international presence even more strong and has proven to be maintaining best of the quality in client satisfaction.

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how eminenture earned this prestigious recognition?

Emphasis on customer needs

The company’s effort to duly take care of its customer requirements have been acknowledged by those associated with the company. This is quite evident in the ‘customer say’ on the website. Eminenture clearly understands what they actually need and fulfills it to the highest of their expectations.

Superb leadership

Eminenture had always set some aims to be met within the stipulated time and is doing it now also. Those leading the company have developed some distinctive policies to achieve the set focuses. Their immaculate guidance has made the employees furnish faultless results and eminent performance.

Inclusive management

Management solutions adopted by the company have met with the ISO standards and have led to the successful completion of projects, as the motive has always been to take care of the customer requirements along with paying due regards to the efforts put in by the employees. Proper documentation of the policies and the procedures and the other important records is done, so that it is easy to go back to back them as when required.

Due consideration to the people’s say

The company has always kept an open ear towards what the people associated with it, employees and customers both, have to say. The company firmly follows the belief that everyone linked with the company contributes to its success. Therefore, employee suggestions and customer feedback have always been on the priority for the company.

Perpetual amelioration

Act of improvement is crucial to every system of work. The company has adopted cutting edge practices to ensure best results for their customer and in time appraisals for their employees. Techniques of getting the work done are revised with the time to complete the projects in an up to date manner.

Complete process analytics

Though our efficient workers are highly skilled in doing what they do, still we have an all-embracing process analytics running to maintain or rather improve the quality of the work done. It is an integral part of our continuous improvement process and quality management. Results generated by process analytics are compiled into detailed reports to keep a track of the credibility of work done.


Confidentiality is desired by everybody, who disclose their private information to fulfill the needful of the contract they enter. Eminenture practice complete discretion in securing the client’s information to ensure confidentiality. An addition to the confidentiality clause requires keeping company’s reports and employee detail under safe hands.

A focused approach

We live up to what we commit. Our motives are driven by our ability to approach the big picture and this depends upon delivering best results to our clients. Our employees through their hard work and extensive knowledge of the trending methods have led to an in time delivery of the objectives.

Our focus to keep the quality of the work done high and timely delivery of the tasks has brought us very close to our aim of putting a strong foot on the global front. Eminenture aims at keeping the promises made and, thereby serving results that are par-excellence.

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